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12/16/2013 - We will be closing the doors for the final time on December 31st. It has been a blast over the last 11 years. I never had it as a dream to own a business when I was growing up, but if I was gonna do it - I was gonna do it my way. Well, over a decade of fun! Thanks to everyone who supported my store and my hobby. I sincerely hope someone wants to continue a dive operation in this building. There has been a scuba presence at 237 Falmouth Rd since the late '70's! Time to move onto another adventure/career.
Merry Christmas to all and Thanks again!!

11/11/13 - Happy Veteran's Day!!
We will be having our 10th Annual Rental Gear Sale on November 30th! All items from the 2013's rental inventory (as well as some other items) will be sold. Jerry will overhaul/service all regs/BC's before the sale. We have no dives or classes scheduled for the month of November or December.

9/10/13 - Our FALL HOURS are NEW! We have a very inconsistent schedule and for that I am really sorry! We will have Mon-Sat 10-5pm and Most Sundays 12-4pm - AGAIN, inconsistent, so call to confirm hours/days open!! We are still here, still have the cheapest air fill (and best fills) around, BEST service work, still teach scuba, stop by and see us!!

7/22/13 - Ah, the middle of Summer Dive Season! So far it's been a wacky year! We have had a very windy season (even if we would have ran the charter, most of the trips would've been cancelled). The lobsters, from all divers reporting, have been plentiful! Have a great rest of the season!

5/13/2013 - We will be closed for the week of May 20-24th and re-open on Saturday 25th. I am still teaching classes all thru that week in the evenings...so if you need anything - just give us a call and leave a message! Sorry for the inconvenivence.

4/2/2013 - I regret to inform you of the Cancellation of the Charter Boat for the 2013 Dive Season! To all of the many repeat/return customers...I am sooo sorry for this. economy, insurance costs, fuel prices, taxes, fees, etc.

1/3/2013 - Our New Year's Day Dive went very well. Our usual cast of divers showed up and dove! Three brave divers went "wet"!! Almost a dozen divers and about the same number for "bubblewatchers"! A toast to the 2013 Dive Season!

10/8/2012 - Sadly we will are done for the year for Charters.

9/22/2012 - Ahhh Fall on Cape Cod! Probably the best time for wreck diving! We have had some "fuel" issues with the Charter Boat, but they should be all corrected now and we'll be up and running next weekend (Sept 30-Oct 1) and each good weather weekend after that! We also have new store hours for the Fall...Monday thru Fri 10-5pm, Closed on Saturdays (yep, I know it sucks), Sundays 12-4pm!

6/18/2012 - The water temp on the Port Hunter is already in the mid 60's! The RACE dives are finished for the year...but that just means the Nauset Ledge dives are starting in July!! Summer officially starts this week! Let's make it one to remember ~ Hope to dive with you soon!!

5/30/2012 - FIVE (5) days in a row! For 5 straight days over Memorial Day Weekend, the charter boat went into Cape Cod Bay and the weather was simply Fantastic! Full Boats of Divers on each and a TON of Lobsters! Monday AND Tuesday every licensed diver went home with 9 each and one lobster was 12 lbs! Oh yeah, I'm pretty happy!

5-23-12 - The first weekend of Dive Charters at The RACE were successful ~ Over 100 lobsters for the customers on those trips! We certified 8 new Open Water Divers in the month of May; with a few more this coming weekend! We are booked for all RACE dives on the Charter Boat for the season...We start diving the Nauset Ledge drift dive for lobsters in July! Should be a GREAT year of diving!!

4-30-2012 - Last Day of April!! WooHoo! Hathaway Pond is FULL of divers on the weekends! Lots of new certified divers out there...Congrats!! Charters begin May 18th!!

4/23/2012 - Just finished up our first Freediving Course of 2012! We had one student add 2.5 minutes to his best breath-hold! We have also completed the second Open Water Training dives weekend of '12. Surface temp in the pond is over 60!! Jerry has also been busy with "real" diving...a new porthole...from the Port Hunter!! Temps in the sound were 50!! Oh it's gonna be a great dive season!

4/16/2012 - Sunday Shore Dive at Garbage Beach was Great! 48 degrees, over 10' visibility, calm, no current, no boat traffic, no hassles!! Now the temp and vis may seem a bit bad...but conditions this time of year are usually much worse. We had 8 divers, two Toad Fish, two keeper lobsters, and lots of tunicates, nudibranchs and decorator crabs!!

3/27/12 - We completed our very first Open Water Training Dives at Hathaway Pond in MARCH!! That's how nice the weather has been...One Month ahead of schedule for water temps...Jerry was able to dive the Port Hunter on his boat ~ in MARCH!! We have twice as many students this year as we did last year at the same date! Keep it coming 2012!! This is gonna be a great diving year!

3/12/2012 - ROATAN 2012! One of the best places in the Caribbean! We just got back from our 4th time there and can't wait to get back...Stay Tuned for pics! It's probably Bonaire in January next year...maybe 2 weeks?? It's that good!
The 2012 Dive Charter Schedule is out!!! Check out the dates for your favorite dive! It feels like Spring already, so get that dive gear in to overhaul before the season truly begins! See ya out there diving!!!

2/16/12 - Ahh, the holiday season is over, winter is GREAT this year, Spring is just around the corner, our Roatan, Honduras group dive trip is a couple of weeks away, life is pretty good right now...Lets make 2012 the best dive season ever! Charter Boat Schedule will be out in March and we start charters in May!

12/12/11 - Happy Holidays! Season's Greetings! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!! On December 13th, The Dive Locker will be celebrating it's 9 Year Anniversary! Thanks to all of our wonderful customers, staff, friends, and family! Have a phenominal 2012!!

11/7/2011 - Charter season is over! Not a bad year at all! Now it's time for getting your gear overhauled, going to the tropics to dive, and our annual Rental Gear Sale on Nov. 26th!

10/28/11 - The last weekend of dive charters is upon us and of course there are Gale Force winds predicted all weekend!...That's Cape Cod!
Our newest course is the SSI Freediving Course and we had some of our "guinea pigs/divemasters" take the "basic" course (1/2 class/pool) and they had a blast. Check out this newest class and one of the fastest growing water sports in the world! Very Safe and FUN!

10/3/2011 - Last month of Dive Charters for 2011! Some of the best dives on Cape Cod are in the month of October. Jerry led a charter to the Port Hunter on Sunday and found a deck prism! We have added a new course to the certification list...FREEDIVING! In the SSI Freediving Class you can learn to greatly increase your breathhold and comfort. Most students add a minute or more to their breathhold times ~ some add 2 minutes!

8/31/11 - LAST DAY OF AUGUST 2011! :( How sad, BUT we have charters throughout the Fall, right up to October 30th!! Shore dives go year-round and the diving will get much better as the water cools! Don't miss the Garbage Beach shore dives for tropicals this Fall! Thanks for a great Summer Dive Season!

8/22/2011 - Labor Day Weekend is shortly approaching! Dive Charters will be in full swing that whole weekend! Get on board now for some great New England Shipwreck Diving!! September's Open Water (Learn How to Scuba Dive) Class is almost full ~ we can add another class if there is enough interest!
*Also...you can follow us on our Facebook account!

8/15/2011 - The Annual Beach Dive/Picnic went pretty well despite not having the perfect sunny day! We did have flat calm seas, little wind, very little to almost no rain, 15' visibility, and about 100 divers from East Coast Divers, Diver's Market, and United Divers! There were lots of classes going on, at one time I counted 13 dive flags in the water, and some even brought in a few legal lobsters! Our charter brought in a few more than that! **NEW for 2011**- we will be conducting Single Tank/Dive Trips on the Charter Boat to wrecks such as the Port Hunter, the Sagamore, the Kershaw, and the John Paul! Those last three have never been dove from the charter before!! These trips will be shorter and less expensive ($65) ~ Hope to see you out there!

7-26-11- Just LOVIN' this weather!! We also love the lobstering and wreck dives that have been happening off the charter boat. The whale show is pretty nice as well! If you haven't heard, we have added a scallop dive to the Pinthis wreck trip...AND we have some numbers/directions to another great scallop dive ~ stay tuned, maybe in the next two weeks we'll get out there and set up a charter!

7-7-'11 - Happy 4th of July Week! There are some great dives going on these days ~ Good visibility on almost all wrecks, most have lots of lobsters, the whales are putting on a show, and we just found a great scallop dive! Remember: If you have enough people (4-5) and the weather is good = we are goin diving!!

6/20/11 - Hello!! Summer Dive Season 2011 is in Full Swing! We have lots of classes going on, and the Charter has been doing very well. Lots of lobsters (not quite as good as last year, but still very nice) and the whale shows are out of this world good! Check out the pics on facebook's Dive Locker page!

5/31/2011 - Happy Memorial Day! For the second year in a row, we have had 4 straight days of charters on Memorial Day Weekend!! Great Weather (a little foggy but calm)! We even got a wreck dive on the Pinthis in on Sunday morning! Only 2 more trips to the Race, then we'll start the Nauset Ledge Drift Dives for Lobsters! The conditions for diving look very similar to last year, great early in the year and by mid-August - deplorable. Get your wreck diving in early!

5/23/2011 - The lobsters are in!! The charter boat went to "the Race" this past weekend and the divers collected 100 Lobsters! (in just 2 trips)! We have a full weekend set up for Memorial Day...but there are still a few spaces left!
**ALSO** I want to thank the Cape Dive Club members for doing a GREAT job at their annual beach/pond clean up at Hathaway Pond last Sunday Morning!! As a person who makes a living at that place and spends lots of time there year-round, I love the effort those divers put forth! Thanks Again, Excellent job!!

5/4/2011 - Spring is in Full Swing! The lobsters are almost here ~ which means the charters have almost begun!

4/6/2011 - Spring 2011 is Here! NO MORE SNOW! (please)...The water temps in Hathaway Pond are still in the low-mid 40's so we won't be taking the basic Open Water Training Students into the water until May. BUT we will be diving there several Sundays over this month and the last Saturday of April, 30th, we'll have our annual refresher day dive. Meet at the store at 8am, or the pond at 8:30am. We will have an informal refresher dive. This gets the divers ready for the season ahead. We'll go over bouyancy and weighting, mask clearing, and air sharing. Everyone who is certified is welcome and the cost is FREE!

3/7/2011 - The Boston Sea Rovers Dive Show was GREAT!! The new venue proved to be great (parking, rooms, shows, pool, etc.). We have our new charter schedule out (We actually ran out of schedules at the show!). All the ice on Hathaway Pond is gone, the temperatures over the last few days has been great, and Spring is this month! There's still plenty of time to get your gear in for it's annual servicing before the '11 Dive Season begins. Hope to see all of you soon!

1/6/2011 - Happy New Year! Our New Year's Day Dive was a bit icy but we had 10 divers and a couple of "ice breakers" in full snorkel gear! The Cape Dive Club had some members supply some refreshments and hot dogs (thanks Kevin). The Bonaire Group Dive Trip will head out on the 8th for two weeks! We will still conduct our Sunday Shore Dives every couple of weeks for those interested. Hey ~ if there were two divers on the 1st in wetsuits...why not? See ya soon!!!

12/10/10 - Happy Holidays everyone! Our Annual Rental Sale was pretty nice yet again! All of the items weren't sold though ~ still lots of gear left until the end of December! We will again be closed for the period from Christmas day until the 2nd of January. We will of course be here for the 9th Annual New Year's Day Dive! For 2011: There will be Ice Diving Courses if there is Ice! (right now it looks promising), There will be more TDI tek diving courses (contact Jerry), we will be teaching many more private scuba lessons at much reduced prices as well as Weekend Scuba Courses! I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season!

12/10/10 - On the 13th of December, we will be open for 8 full years! Thank you for all of your business!

9/20/2010 - The Dives on the Port Hunter are getting much nicer this time of year! Come join us on a charter this fall! Hathaway Pond is back to having better visibility as well; Woods Hole (garbage beach dive site) is still low visibility but should improve in the next week or so. Sandwich Town Beach was 63 degrees and there were plenty of lobsters (mostly females with eggs, but this means another 2/3 weeks of decent lobstering off that beach!)
Remember: Our store will be closed from Sept. 24 - Oct. 3rd! We will still be running charters ~ so get in touch with Jerry to see where the boat will be going those two weekends! I can still be reached by e-mails as well!

9/13/2010 - The visibility on the Port Hunter is getting better every day and the temperatures are still pretty warm! Jerry found a lamp on that wreck on Saturday morning! You could still smell the kerosene in it!! Plenty more artifacts to find if you are willing to look - we'll be going out there on the charter boat just about every weekend until November! Come join us, let Jerry give you the grand tour, and rent a steel High Pressure 120 with Nitrox to truly enjoy the wreck at it's best!!

8/30/10 - Probably our last Nauset Ledge Dive trip was done yesterday ~ not bad, no complaints, but not the massive number of lobsters we are accustomed to seeing (only 7 lobsters per diver!) Good whale show though! No St.Lawrence Seaway trip this year! Lots of Pinthis and Port Hunter wreck trips on the weekends of September and October! Great diving conditions all thru the Fall! Come join us on a trip!

8/23/2010 - Well...it's about over and the tourists are almost out of here! But, hey! We are still diving all the way thru October on the charter boat and we will have our Sunday Morning Shore Dives all year round! Just a reminder: we will be closing the store for a week in late Sept ~ early Oct (9/24 - 10/3).

8/10/10 - The 2010 Picnic went about as perfect as we could have hoped for ~ Weather was great, water was clearer than expected (a little cold), 4 dive stores participated, and about 200 people/divers/guests!

7/27/2010 - Outstanding weather for diving this year!! If you haven't been out this year ~ you can't blame the weather! Only one trip cancelled, and one delayed 24hrs for FOG! The lobsters have been equal to or better than last year! Classes are also going well. Reminder: Our Annual Beach Dive/Picnic will be held August 8th at Sandwich Town Beach. 4 Stores will be participating! Reserve your gear early!

6/29/2010 - Happy 4th of July weekend everyone! Have a safe holiday!

6/21/10 - We finally conducted a charter boat trip to a shipwreck! Up to now, there has been only one "class/instruction" charter and TEN (10) charters to the RACE for lobsters! All very successful mind you, but it's now wreck dive season! Oh yeah, the wreck divers on Sunday collected about 20 lobsters as well! The season is in full swing and it's still only two weeks until the 4th of July! WE HAVEN'T EVEN DONE THE BEST LOBSTER DIVE IN THE WORLD YET!! The weather has been cooperating, the lobsters are in, temperatures are reasonable, and visibility is pretty good! Lets Go Diving!

6/1/2010 - The Lobsters were plentiful this last weekend off Provincetown's RACE dive!! Over 200 were captured by the four (4) FULL charters on the four (4) straight good weather (make that: perfect weather) days this last Memorial Day Weekend! No one I've talked to has seen 4 straight good charter days on Cape Cod EVER! Thanks to Captain Billy and DiveMaster Jerry, The Dive Locker's "Cape Diver" had a fantastic weekend of Dives! We have several more charters planned for the RACE this year and "by the way" we also do wreck dives! Yes, that's right! Wreck Dives!!

5/17/2010 - The Lobsters are in at The RACE dive in P-Town! We did our first charter to the RACE on Sunday May 16th! The rest of the trips to the RACE are nearly full ~ get on the list now! We also certified 6 more divers at Hathaway Pond on the 16th! Advanced Open Water Class starts this Thursday!

4/29/10 - Dive Season starts on Saturday morning!!!! We have several students getting their Open Water Certification this weekend, as well as a TDI "tech" class beginning on Sunday!! The Charters will begin on the 8th, the Lobsters should be here mid-month, and oddly enough ~ it actually "feels" like Spring outside!! All divers are welcome to join us for the dives at Hathaway Pond this weekend. We have heard about a new platform in the pond and it should be just off the wreck in 38'-40' of water (perfect for tek dive training). We have Don Ferris' book in stock both in hardcover and now it's new paperback version ($39.95).

3/30/10 - The Official Start to the Dive Season 2010 is just about here! The winds/storms have probably opened up some incredible diving off Cape Cod, join us for some wreck discoveries! Try out the new On-Line SDI Nitrox Diver Course! There are only a few spots left for charters to the Race on Memorial Day Weekend. There are also only a few spots left in Jerry/Jodi's TDI Advanced Classes! We will be holding a large refresher dive at Hathaway Pond on the 24th of April ~ All are welcome. Last year we had nearly a dozen divers that went! They tried pony bottles, steel tanks, they practiced skills, and had a great dive to get ready for the season ahead ~ don't miss it this year!

2/16/10 - Our Ice Diver Class went very well. 5 Divers are newly certified in ICE Diving. Check out the pictures.

2/2/2010 - One month down, just a few more to go to the Dive Season of 2010! The boat charter schedule will be out next month! Ice Diver Class this Weekend!

1/25/10 - There will be no traditional Boston Sea Rovers Dive Show in 2010. They will still have a night of speakers on March 6th and tickets are still available! Our ice dive course has been moved up to the 31st ~ weather permitting! This is the time of year to bring in your equipment for it's yearly service! Remember: It's always Dive Season if you have a Dry Suit!!!

1/7/10 - Happy New Year Divers! We started the new year out with a great New Year's Day Dive at Hathaway Pond! A dozen or so divers braved the icy waters, some in wetsuits! We will be having an Ice Diver Course this winter ~ stay tuned for class dates and dives! We will still dive at Garbage Beach a couple of times per month over the winter! And as always, we'll partner up with the Cape Dive Club for a booth in the Boston Sea Rovers dive show in March!



Gary Gentile's Newest Books are in the Store!
We have the "Shipwrecks of Massachusetts: North"
The Advanced Wreck Diving Handbook and Shadow Divers Exposed
I only have a few copies right now, but I will be ordering many more as come available to me. We also have several of his other books such as the very popular "SHIPWRECKS OF MASSACHUSETTS: SOUTH"



**SSI has a new set of Diver Specialties.
Advanced Nitrox/Technical Foundations
Decompression Procedures,
Normoxic Trimix, and
Advanced Decompression Procedures
Stay tuned for further details as to what classes that we'll teach/offer! Since some of these specialties can have training dives to 180' and we live on Cape Cod, some of these may be difficult to teach/offer.