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From Provincetown to Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod and the islands offer just about every kind of diving there is.... For example, drift dives, wall dives, seal dives, tropical fish dives, ice dives, lobster dives, shark dives, wreck dives, fresh and salt water dives, deep and shallow dives, photo dives, etc.
Cape Cod Bay Charters had been the charter we used for the late '90's and early 2000's.
Again this season we will run charters all over the Cape, including Monomoy Island! For those dives we have "CAPE DIVER". A 25' Parker that's custom designed for Cape Cod diving. See the pictures on the Charter Boat Dive Schedule 2009!

Local Shore Dive Sites

For listings on the many ponds on Cape Cod and Massachusetts, go to http://www.mass.gov/dfwele/dfw/dfw_pond.htm. One of the best books on the market for diving around Cape Cod and all of MA. is "Beneath the Waters of Cape Cod" by Donald Ferris. He has another one for dives north of Plymouth, MA called "Beneath the Waters of Massachusetts Bay". Both are available at our store and other local dive stores around New England. If you can't find it or you're not in the area, please give us a call and we'll send one right out to you for $24.95 + tax (if in MA) + shipping.

Hathaway Pond - Barnstable - Simply one of the best training sites in all of New England. Instructors from all over the northeast will travel to this site for training dives. Easy parking (Summer months there is a charge of $7 for parking without a Barnstable Beach sticker), you can pull your vehicle right up to the water's edge. There is a large platform for diver's skill training, a 1985 Saab sitting about 30' in the sand, just 50 yards from the large platform. In 1980, East Coast Divers put a 38' cabin cruiser in about 30' of water for training as well. Visibility usually ranges from 5-10' in the warm summer months to over 50' in the middle of winter (except for Feb 04 when it was 7'). Temperatures can go from 39 degrees under the ice to 84 on the surface in the summer. )

Sandwich Town Beach - Sanwich, MA - Probably the best of the shore dive sites on Cape Cod (Since the Cape is nothing but a sand bar - there's not many shore sites at all). On an average summer Sunday, you will find 20-30 cars/suv's/trucks in the parking lot, filled with divers heading out for training or just lobstering. The depths will never get into the 20's unless your over a half mile off the beach. There is very little current, typical New England visibility (15'), lots of marine life (mostly juveniles), and fairly calm conditions. A parking charge of $8-10 gets you in, restrooms, a snack bar, and lots of beach await you.

Corporation Beach - Dennis, MA - There is more marine life awaiting the diver here than on almost any dive on the Cape. However, there isn't much, if any, depth. The highest tide will allow the diver to achieve the dizzying depths of 15'. Don't even try it at low tide (it's not much more than a snorkel). It gets very busy in the summer months for beach goers, and they charge about $10+ for parking. Go at high tide, or just before, go very early in the morning (for free parking and better lobstering).

Garbage Beach - Woods Hole, MA - Here is a dive that's nothing like it's name. The locals don't even call it Garbage Beach, we think it's just the divers. A very easy entry, great parking (metered bring quarters), and the only dive on the Cape that will allow the diver to break the 30' mark. You can get all the way to 70', but it's not recommended. There is a multitude of hazards to watch for on this dive; fishermen's hooks and lines, a strong and swirling current, lots of boat traffic, limited visibility, a curving and sloping bottom, and lots of stuff to get caught on. However, don't get discouraged, if you dive with an experenced buddy or guide, you can have a really great dive. There are tropical fish at the end of the summer, and un-named nudibranchs in the winter.

Sheep Pond - Brewster, MA - Another great training site. Good parking, good fresh water visibility, a platform for skills, a small boat for something to see, lots of catfish, bass, perch, etc. Max depth is only about 30', but the water stays pretty warm for New England.